Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Review: Sally Hansen Quick Pens in Chrome & Topcoat

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Quick Pens in Chrome & Topcoat

 So these were included in my Sally Hansen 10 Piece Manicure set, which I hauled HERE. I was nervous about these. I've used manicure pens before, but only for french tips. They dried out really fast and were pretty watery. Unfortunately they still don't have this formula quite right!
Left to right: Pink Chrome, Purple Chrome,Green Chrome,Turquoise Chrome, & Gold Chrome.

Let's look at the pros:
- Easy to travel with.
- Dries quick!
- Nice colors, although I would really want them to be more varied.
-Decent application control.
-Can get away with one coat.
- Really great for pedicures and touch ups.

& the cons:
- Very thin
-Dehydrates nails so they look "ridge-y"
- REALLY made my nails look peely due to the dryness.
- Seriously no silver?
- Really difficult to clean up around nails
-Top coat is pretty much trash. More on this later though!


 Finally starting to come out, the first use takes quite a few clicks like most lipglosses that "click" as well.

 Ready to use!

These swatches are with NO clean up. I wanted to show how it turned out legitimately so you know what to expect! The "splatters" are from clicking the pen over my finger, sometimes there was a little spray of polish.
 No flash in natural light. 

Thumb:Green Chrome - A light mint shade that will look great with gold or silver.
Pointer: Pink Chrome - More of a lavender with pink undertones.
Middle: Gold Chrome - More of an antiqued gold.
Ring: Turquoise Chrome -Turquoise? Looks more blue with silver undertones to me.
Pinky: Purple Chrome - My favorite I think. Your basic medium purple.

Check out my are they visible with something this dehydrating!

Sally Hansen Quick Care Seal & Shine Top Coat
Ok, so here's the low down on the top coat. Not good. Very very bad in fact. The brush is way too thick, so even completely dried polish smudged. It then ruins your work AND the brush on the top coat. It might be because it is so drying and thin, but it pretty much ATE the polish off all 3 fingers I tried. This was the one I was most excited about so this was a real bummer. Check out my messy pen below.

Verdict?: I think I'd actually buy more of these for emergency purposes! Surprised? Well, they cover super fast, dry super fast, & covered the polish already on my toes! I'd buy more if they were BELOW $2.00, and in this kit, they are! Definitely would buy more if they had more colors though, like a plum, red, & black.

So, what do you think of these? I think they are awesome for a quick mani or pedi on the go ! Fun colors (although not exactly fall/winter...or is that just me? They make me think of spring!) but I'd love to see some that aren't metallic. Maybe they'd be more moisturizing? Will you be picking some up to try?


  1. I have some of these. They do in a pinch and for french tips, they work well. Too bad about that top coat though. Yowza!

  2. @Kay I haven't used the new french tip pen, I'll definitely give it a fair shot! Yeah the top coat was a sad sad thing!

  3. These look similar to the original Sally Hansen chromes, at least the blue one looks like a blue sally hansen chrome I had.


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