Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Spookfest 2011: Jessica from True Blood as Lil Red Riding Hood

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spookfest 2011: Jessica from True Blood as Lil Red Riding Hood

Photo Credit to HBO.

If you have followed my blog for awhile, then you know I am a True Blood fanatic. No doubt about it. I started with the Sookie Stackhouse novels and then the show, which are completely different. The characters on the show are fab, and a VERY popular Halloween option these days. What caught my eye lately? Jessica (played by Deborah Ann Woll ) as Little Red Riding Hood in the season finale. Check out the clip below.

Wow right? If you want to channel this look, then here's my take on it!

Channeling Jessica from True Blood as Little Red Riding Hood

Interest Points:
-Gold/Black Smoky Eye
-Red Lips
-Glowing Pale Skin
-Defined Brows
-Long Lashes

1) I applied my face makeup as usual, although I am having some eczema issues so my skin is dryer than usual. I went with foundation I already have in a shade 1-2 lighter than my current. Use ELF HD Powder to set your look to perfection, it is super fine and makes your skin look smooth.

2) I then did my brows with my Wet N Wild Color Icon Brow pencil, 99 cents at your local drugstore. Then I used Hard Candy eye primer and let it settle in. While I waited I applied lip balm because the Milani Lip Flash Pencils can be a bit drying.

3) To begin the smoky eye, I used my Physicians Formula Gel Liner and applied to both inner and outer lids. Come up to make a point on the end. It doesn't need to be perfect, you'll have to touch it up at the end, but have your basics in line.

4) Your highlight shade will be the gold shade from the Wet n Wild trio "I've Got Good Jeans" which needs to cover from eyelashes to browbone. You can go a lot lighter than I did, I just wanted a more intense look for Halloween. If you want a lighter look, tap off the excess! These are extremely creamy and pigmented. Take this in the inner corners and bottom lashline as well.

5) I then took my Blackened Gold (for swatches of this collection click HERE) from The Body Needs. This is my favorite collection from TBN for obvious reasons, they're gorgeous. Anyways Blackened Gold should be brought from lashline to crease, blending out and up. You don't need a lot for the effect, it too is well pigmented and the gold and black is what you're looking for.Also, take this in the outer corners of your lower lashline.

6) Take the MATTE black shade from the Wet N Wild 8 Color Palette in "Blue Had Me at Hello" to do a powder eyeliner. Be careful not to go all the way to your inner corner, we'll be adding a highlight to brighten up that look next.

7) Take your favorite highlight for the inner corners. I used Almay Bright Eyes Duo in Cocoa & Pearl. Draw it on, then blend well.

8) Apply mascara as desired. I have been using my Falsies from Maybelline. I think it does a good job blending my acutal falsies and natural lashes as well. If you're applying falsies, make sure you don't go too heavy on this step so you can blend them better.

9) Apply your false lashes. My lash of choice lately are from KK Center and are ES 10 Pairs of Criss Cross Lashes but remember to trim your ends or you'll end up looking crazy! For 10% off, enter the code BLGB462ST10 which will remain good until February 28th, 2012. This makes each pair of lashes around 55 cents and I reuse them. Apply mascara to both your real and false lashes to blend together. I like the criss cross ones for dramatic looks because they give me an awesome fullness to the base of my lashes. It looks a little uneven when my eyes are closed but that's because due to a medical condition I have lost the lashes in my outer corner of that right eye. :( For the super dramatic feather lashes in my umpkinette Look from KK Center HK, CLICK HERE!

10) Apply highlighter to both cheeks and top of lips on the cupid's bow. My choice is ELF Highlight Stick in Spotlight, a lovely pearly white. I didn't apply blush because I already have a pink undertone.

11) Apply pencil/primer to your lips if desired. If not, directly apply Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash. Make sure to blot at least ones or it will slide around a bit and won't last as long.

Now you're done!

Now you're ready to pop in Fangs if desired!

Want a bonus? Check out a few pictures of some of my other favorite little red riding hood looks in the next post!

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  1. Great interpretation of the look, love it! x

  2. Love this look. Jessica is my favorite true blood character.

  3. Jessica is so much fun because the makeup team changes her up a lot, Pam too!:)

  4. I love True Blood! My boyfriend thinks Jessica is the hottest girl on the show. :)


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