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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mani of the Day: Spoiled Trust Fund Baby & WnW Private Viewing

So here is the first Spoiled nail polish I picked out of the display, Trust Fund Baby, over my recent mani. As much as I love Private Viewing by Wet n Wild, I was feeling the need for some glitz! & GLITZ it is right! Here is 2 coats of Wet n Wild Private Viewing with a top coat of Spoiled's Trust Fund Baby. To check out all 3 of my first picks off the display & a photo of the display, just click here.

Trust Fund Baby- A clear base with a mix of medium/small sized hex glitters in electric blue, black, & gold with a unique addition of small, square pink/fuchsia glitter.

Trust Fund Baby is a really fun mix of glitters, I especially appreciate the addition of black in there! What is it about black glitter that makes it so rare & special? I would LOVE to see more of it(hint hint beauty companies!) especially mixed in with other colors like this.

I did have issues with this brush, clearly. Although I can fix it with a quick trim, its still a bit disappointing though. I do hope this works itself out over time with more growth from the line.

Have you tried anything from this line? Do you love the selection? Are you waiting for any shades in particular?


  1. I like the colors but I definitely would be upset with that brush!

    1. Indeed! But at the same time, its a new line so I'll cut them some slack. At least I could fix it, sometimes I can't!

  2. Fun! I actually haven't heard of this brand yet. The black glitter is really cool.. good observation!

  3. I am loving this brand, but I hate that no CVS seems to carry the full line. I keep going to different ones to try and find everything I want. I have one more to hit up today and hope that I can find a few more I am looking for. So far I haven't had any brush issues, and I love this polish!

  4. love the selection esp at $1.99. i have the brush issue too.. omg! so weird, isn't it?


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