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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mani of the Day: Sinful Colors Cinderella

The much buzzed about shade has arrived! Now you can wear Cinderella's glistening blue dress on your nails too! I'm so sorry I had to use artificial lighting, its a daylight bulb because the snow outside leaves me with no natural sunlight. Boo!

 Cinderella by Sinful Colors: A sheer, pale blue creme shade with pink glass flecks that shift from pink to silver to slightly golden.

I picked this up from Walgreens & fell in love. Although Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess, Cinderella will always hold a special place in my heart. The girls at school insist on reading it at least once a week! This shade is a bit sheer on its own, but over a blue creme it would be ideal! The glass flecks are densely packed enough that one or two coats over the blue creme would give a better effect than the 4 coats I have here. It also applied a little lumpy in some areas but I love the color!

I label this as a must have! If you love Cinderella & are fascinated by her gorgeous gown, for only $1.99 (or $1 on sale this week!) you can own it! Are you loving this shade? Planning to pick it up?


  1. I got 15 polishes at Cinderella included! I actually had to travel to a second Walgreens to pick it up. They have so many pretty colors, and no guilt in getting a bunch for 99 cents :)


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