Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: I Scored 99 cent Color Club Nail Polishes at my Walgreens?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Scored 99 cent Color Club Nail Polishes at my Walgreens?

What's that you say? I've lost my mind? Wait? I've gone....MAD? Oh no, this is not a dream.

So I'm hitting up Walgreens for the new Sinful Colors Girls With Pearls Collection (which they didn't have) & as I am walking fown the aisle I see a bunch of Color Club nail polishes. Imposters? Oh no, because I bought a set in a collection! The glitters on the top row, I spent like $10-$15 on it when it was clearanced! So who is doing this? Who is standing in a corner giggling as I put all of these in my cart to have them ring up as $8? WAIT! THEY DIDN'T! 99 cents a piece people.

So what's going on? I wanted to know the same thing, trust me. Would there be more? Should I be stalking them? Well here is what I figured out. Notice when I noted the collection I had already bought? Well here it is in a post I did in November, it is called the Glitter Vixen Collection. The mystery deepens no? Well, then I found some empty packages behind Mr. Bunny. Click! They are pulling past collections out, ripping off the packaging, & selling them as singles! You think I'm nuts? Ask Mr. Bunny, pretty sure he saw it all. There was a whole 'nother wall of these too, but they were all repeat shades. I BELIEVE I got one of each color besides the clear top coat...& the ones I already have of course. I did buy 2 of one shade I already have though for gifts.

As I was checking out, the lady was shocked. I could tell she knew her nail polish....guess we know what she did after I left!

If you see ANYTHING like this in YOUR local Walgreens, PLEASE let me know! I want to know if this is like...because my Walgreens is a rebel or if this happens sometimes? Definitely news to me!

I will be posting pictures of all the polishes ASAP, first I need to find their names though & I wanted to get the word out first!


  1. Replies
    1. I really want to know if anyone else has seen something like this! My husband about though I had a heart attack haha.

  2. Ahh I haven't seen this but I will DEF be looking!!

  3. I barely go to my Walgreens since it's a bit far lol but great deal! :)

  4. I'm going to my walgreens in a little bit, it's right around the corner so I'll tell you as soon as I get home if mine has it.

    1. Thanks Nicole! I hope you find them too!

    2. Mine didn't have it but I'm gonna continue to keep an eye out just in case.

  5. AWESOME! My Walgreens have never had these, but I will totally be looking around for them now. I have had really good luck at my local Ross lately with older CC collections. I just got the ElectroCandy collection and at 7 polishes for $8, it's a great deal!

  6. Woot! Guess where I'm heading this afternoon! ;)

  7. hmm now i must go to my local walgreens


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