Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Nail Comparisons: China Glaze Riveting + Other Orange Shimmers/Flecks

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nail Comparisons: China Glaze Riveting + Other Orange Shimmers/Flecks

Nail comparisons are always helpful for me. I am constantly stalking some of my favorite nail polish blogs to see if I have a dupe or to see what the differences are in case something else works better for me. I especially do this with colors my skin tone can totally reject (why hello nudes) & colors I wear less often like orange & yellow. Without futher rambling, here are 2 of my other oranges I love that have some sort of shimmer/fleck to them.

 Left to right: Pointer finger is Myrta by Zoya (Summer 2012) 2 coats, Middle is the Riveting by China Glaze 3 coats, Ring finger is by Wet n Wild 3-4 coats, & my pinkie is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Hard to Get 3 coats.

Myrta is clearly more pink toned & has yellow/gold shimmers that aren't as fire-y so they look more silver. Myrta is extremely saturated though which is something Riveting has in common after its layered. is the closest thing I could find to an orange that appeared "lit from within" like Riveting. Clearly much lighter & leans way more yellow but if you like the fire look, this one is really fun. Hard to Get isn't as sparkly as the others. It has some shimmers that end up looking more reflective because they are so small. In the shade, Riveting & can actually look similar in shade when in the bottle. The shimmers in Riveting really set it apart.

Well, that cements it! You NEED Riveting! haha What do you think of these other orange shades? Own any of them? All of these colors are linked above in case you want to check out older posts focusing on each shade.


  1. i really like the wnw one!!! and i like how u painted them on was that on purpose or accident u didnt start all the way at the back its unique

    1. Thanks! On purpose. Made it easier to swatch before removing :)


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