Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: High End vs. Ebay Black & Gold Geo Necklace

Friday, May 11, 2012

High End vs. Ebay Black & Gold Geo Necklace

So I saw a youtube video doing a giveaway for which sells cheap jewelry & totally fell for a necklace. I went & shopped their website when I realized soemthing: I've seen a lot of this before.

Black & Gold Geo Necklaces

So these are some of my favorite inspirations for this necklace...keep in mind I got mine for around $5 on ebay & if I really stalked it, I could probably have gotten it even cheaper! I love this design which I believe was seen on Nicole Richie. I might spring for a nicer version if I wear it a lot but for now, this necklace is great for me & my wallet!

What are some great deals you have found on Ebay? It might take ages for things to arrive but it sure is addicting! If you guys want to see some other jewelry pieces I bought just let me know, they're on their way!


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