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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 2012: My Gossip Girl Birchbox

I waited so impatiently for this Birchbox. I mean really, I felt like a 15 year old waiting for prom. When Gossip Girl first started, I loved it. I still enjoy seeing the fashion from the show as its all really varied but seriously striking. I'm always happy to see Serena (Blake Lively) & Blair (Leighton Meester) gracing the pages in my many (MANY) magazine subscriptions. When Birchbox managed to team up with Gossip Girl I expected something incredible.

Perhaps that was my fault. Maybe I expected too much. If I had run things, there would have been a Blair  box & a Serena box filled with fabulous items dedicated to your favorite GG character. I would have gone classy but fun & really aimed to outdo the other boxes. I mean, this is Gossip Girl after all. Although some people did get fabulous boxes with full size Stila items, I did not. However, I am not reviewing those boxes, I am reviewing my own. Here is what I did receive.

- A small sample of Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. This is a very girl scent that I actually quite like. A small sample though so I only get a few tries to judge longevity.

- Diorshow Extase mascara in a sample size.

- Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF in Glow. I have tried this. I instantly knew it was super sheer & although I tried to layer it over a scar, it just didn't work for me at all. It has a strange sheen as well which would be fine except that I didn't expect it to.

- Cleansing Oil Shampoo from Shu Uemura. This only had about 2 uses in it for my thick hair but I got the gist of it. I don't feel like it was incredibly mind blowing (which for $55 it needs to be) but maybe its only because I got two uses. My hair feels clean but  it didn't do anything brilliant.

-A baby poop colored notecard. I saw this phrase on Pink Sith's blog & have not been able to get it out of my head. Its just too fitting. I doubt I will ever use this, at least not on someone Ilike.

I will say, the below card ticked me off. I mean, if I watched the show, I would have been livid about the leaked information. I don't really know what this card pertains to because I don't watch it but if they ever include a True Blood card like this before a season finale, there will be hell to pay.

Overall, this box is meh. I mean, its not awful but not great. If I hadn't seen other boxes (but how could I not?) maybe I would be a tad happier but still not beaming. For $10, I'm not dying about it. I think the issues I have mainly are that the shampoo & the DIOR items are pretty much freebies. I feel like overall, this box is lacking & doesn't compare to many of my former boxes. I'm not dropping out yet, I'll give it another shot. I just hope I get a glimpse of the wonderful boxes I used to look forward to every month.


  1. That really sucks that you got another short end of the stick box. Does the Dior smell good?

    1. It really does! It smells really feminine & classy but kind of sophisticated.

  2. I wasn't too pleased with my box this month either.

  3. My box was disappointing this month, too. Instead of mascara like several other boxes I have see, I got a liquid sparkly eyeliner. I never use liquid eyeliner, let alone a sparkly one. I got the perfume, too, but perfume gives me migraines. OK, one more BB for me, and then I'll probably quit. Have you heard of the Green GrabBag? It's supposed to be all natural stuff which I love, foods too. I have heard only good things about it, but it's $15 per month, so it will have to wait a few months.

    1. I have! I actually reviewed it & really liked it!

      I got some fab stuff but I've seen some duds as well.

      Its funny because I would have loved the liquid liner! Its hard to please everyone's preferences I'm sure.


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