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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reviva Labs Makeup Primer Review + Makeup Look

I have a confession: I'm consistently afraid of makeup primers. Because my skin is so crazy combination, I have to really be careful about putting oily products in my t-zone & dry products on my cheeks/under eye area. LAME. I love makeup primers, but I stayed away from them when they first came out I tried a MAC version & my face broke out like mad. Since then, I'm timid but willing. Enter, Reviva Labs & their beautifying creation.
What Reviva Labs says: Apply over moisturizer or instead of moisturizer. Lines fill in, pores are concealed, excess oil is controlled. Skin so touchable, so silky smooth, you will find it hard to believe.

What I say: For the last few months, I've been addicted to my primers in general from sprays, to bases, to eyeshadow bases. In fact, I have a few more to review ;) But for now, let's focus on the magic that is the Reviva Labs Makeup Primer. This applies like liquid velvet which totally makes me want to snuggle with my own face. I use this over moisturizer (because I need it & for spf!) & it feels incredibly lightweight.

This product definitely lives up to its claims, which I'm finding quite rare these days! It helps conceal (not remove, CONCEAL!) my pores, helps reduce the appearance of my under eye lines, & actively prolongs my foundation wear. Sometimes, I don't want to go full coverage (especially on a good skin day, I work hard for those!) but my minimal coverage foundations just don't make it to the finish line with me. They fade off & even begin to look funky, especially on my dry spots.

I really love this on my under-eyes so that my concealer doesn't bunch up in my lines as well which is something I've battled my whole life.  If you have this issue, even with a drugstore primer I have this problem, then definitely try Reviva Labs Makeup Primer under your eyes. Just remember, use the tiniest dot. Even less than that. Oh there you go, perfection. Blend well for velvet perfection.

Price: You get 1 oz of product for $19.50 on the Reviva website & while that may look pricy, its not. No really, it isn't. I use the tiniest bit of this. No, do not use a full pump. Ever. Unless its for your whole body which I don't recommend as that's a bit strange.

Clearly, I love it! Here's a sneak peek picture of a look I did with my Naked 2 palette. I am wearing my Reviva Labs Makeup Primer underneath which is a lifesaver since my skin is so not happy this week! No editing here folks.  No really, my eyes look like that, weird right?

What are some turn offs regarding makeup primer to you? What do you think of this one? Have you tried any other Reviva Labs products?

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  1. Great review! I have been thinking of ordering this primer.

  2. I really really really love this primer. Did I tell you I REALLY LOVE this primer? I am almost halfway through and will have to purchase again. One of the nicest primers on the market and one that can be comfortably worn during the summer.

    1. I am SO glad! It is definitely underrated & needs to be shouted from the rooftops!


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