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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

California Nail Polish Haul...So Far...

So I've hit up Ross, CVS, Rite Aid, Big Lots & Forever 21 & walked out with nail polish. Shocking? No I suppose not! This is just going to be a quick post, I'll describe them as I swatch them. As always, if there's anything you're dying to see, just let me know!

Forever 21 Green/Clear & Crystal/Multi. Unoriginal names...FABULOUS polishes.

 LA Girl Black Light Nail Polish Disco Brites in Vinyl Record & Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Citrine.

Two Cosmetic Arts Professional Nail Lacquers without names. The left is a bright, hot pink & the right is a cantaloupe.  When I swatch them I'll have to color correct them most likely.

 I picked up these Revlons at a Big Lots in sets of 2 for $2 per pair. At a buck a piece these were a steal. I love suede polish but the scented glass flecks are the gem! Green is Emerald City, purple is No Shrinking Violet, the hot pink is Watermelon Fizz, & the yellow is Pinapple Fizz.

 I've never tried anything from what I assume is JLB Nail Polish...if not let me know. This was a set that just jumped out at me. Perfect spring shades in there right??? I'm in LOVE with the bronze on the top that has a pink shimmer flash in it. The glitter is pretty but I'll have to see it on.

 So my major find! Color Club is a brand I really like but they can be super pricey....except at Ross! This had a damaged polish in it so not only was it cheaper BUT it has the flakie I wanted! WIN! The polish that was broken was pretty but I think i already have something similar! The rest of the shades are fab as well!

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