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Monday, June 18, 2012

Travel: My Pacifica Items Including Solid Fragrances!

My favorite thing about my Pacifica collection is each & every item can be tossed in my purse & taken with me anywhere. Not to say all the Pacifica brand is made to do this, but all of these happen to be travel friendly. Some I even consider necessities for traveling!
Let's start off with my favorite products from this brand: the solid fragrances! I am a FIRM believer in solid fragrances for travel especially because these tins are able to take a beating, don't have to be part of the flying rules since they aren't liquid, & smell absolutely incredible.
 The scents I have are as follows & the scent descriptions in Italic are from the Pacifica website:

1. California Star Jasmine: A love note to my Southern California beachside neighborhood, the scent truly embodies the time and place I now call home. The laidback simplicity of the dreamy blend makes it fun and easy to wear, bringing a breath of fresh California air to your day.

2. Tahitian Gardenia: The Gardenia is the most nostalgic flower, whose enthralling vintage perfume has the power to conjure up memories in an instant. Gardenias are said to be the blossoms of love. This is one of Pacifica's all time best selling floral scents with true devotees.

3. Tuscan Blood Orange: In this delectable blend, juicy and spicy Blood Orange is offset with subtle Strawberry and Raspberry notes and grounded in fleshy Mandarin and Italian Sweet Orange.  An orange connoisseur's dream.

4. Brazilian Mango Grapefruit: A cross between Peach and Apricot with Pineapple undertones, this delicious blend mingles sultry, fleshy Mango with bright, tart Grapefruit. Reminiscent of summer.

5. Indian Coconut Nectar: Pacifica’s Indian Coconut Nectar is a sensuous and delicious blend inspired by travels to faraway destinations. This warm, sultry blend of coconut and delicate creamy vanilla is pure ambrosia.

My absolute favorite is the California Star Jasmine but that is one of those strange personal preferences. I've always loved Jasmine & I feel glamorous & effortless wearing it. I think the most versatile of these is the Indian Coconut Nectar which gives an exotic flare other perfumes when layered atop. My husband likes the Tuscan Blood Orange which makes me want to drink loads of mimosas. Brazilian Mango Grapefruit is the juciest fragrance I've ever encountered in a solid form. The fruits are really lively & it is truly unique. Gardenia smells so sophisticated to me & I often wear it when I want to feel professional & confident. I've had some of these for years, they last & last!

I love rollerballs as much as the next girl, & this one is no exception. What makes it so great? The scent of course!

Hawaiian Ruby Guava: This blend was inspired by one of my favorite surf trips to Hawaii. We spent hours sitting on the lanai watching the waves, the warm smell of coconut wax on our surfboards mingling with the sweet scent of the guavas from the tree in front of our house. This blend is reminiscent of paradise.

As if I needed to say more than just the scent right? Immediately I think of tropical islands & sunny beaches. I love this energetic & very different blend which fits easily into my purse. I brought this one with me to California....doesn't it just seem like it belongs by the beach?

Pacifica Color Quench Natural Moisture Lip Tint in Guava Berry: Give your lips the love they deserve!  All Natural Color Quench packs major moisture, nourishing naturals and gorgeous, sheer color into one perfectly portable, 100% recyclable tube.  Essential fatty acids from rich and amazing avocado and coconut oils leave lips luscious and healthy.  Natural flavor and 4 perfect shades produce the prettiest, most kissable mouth ever.  100% vegan.  Your lips will love you back!

I love tinted lip products, especially for the summer when I want a wash of color without much effort. These are very moisturizing, sheer, & give off a nice shine. This color is more of a berry purple but I think I want to try one that is a bit more natural. My issue with this product is that its a rather wide top so I have to make sure it only goes on my lips & not the skin around it. They have a Blood Orange flavor & I think I'll try that one next since I love the fragrance so much!

Pacifica Body Butter (2.5 oz) in Island Vanilla: Inspired by the unique magic of Tahitian vanilla, this sensual blend sets sweet and sultry vanilla absolute, with honey-jasmine notes and a touch of fruitiness, against a deep and beautiful base of tea.

I love this scent of body butter! I actually thought it would be like my Indian Coconut Nectar which isn't as complex. It smells rich, very expensive! This is probably the most interesting & exciting vanilla based scent I own. Usually they are vanilla + blackberry or vanilla + orchids. Its rare I buy something that is prominently vanilla so if you usually don't go for vanilla because its not enticing enough, this is one to check into! Its nice & thick but not so thick that I can't use it on my hands as well.

So that's my Pacifica collection! I think they have a fabulous range of fragrances although clearly my tastes lean more fruity. I can't wait to try more, they just have the best combinations! Do you own any Pacifica items? Any of these catch your eye?

*This post has a mix of products provided to me by the company/PR & items I have purchased with my own money. I always post my honest opinions regardless.
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