Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: My IMATS Crown Brush Haul...& a Matte Rant!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My IMATS Crown Brush Haul...& a Matte Rant!

So *technically* this isn't my IMATS haul BUT it is the set of things I wanted to buy at the Crown Brush booth. They ran out of a lot so they let us purchase online with the IMATS discounts. I posted about that on Facebook remember? Anyway...I have some winners...& some VERY sore losers. Before you take part in their 4th of July sale, I URGE you to watch the video. We makeup lovers have to stick together! xo

Somehow...I totally forgot to review the mini kabuki pictured above. its white & I REALLY like it! Its a great little addition to my kabuki collection. This was only $4.10 & its called the Mini Synthetic Flat Top Kabuki. It is small though so it takes more work, clearly, than a larger brush.

My Totals for everything! Keep in mind, these were sale prices. Waiting around for a sale is worth it though!

1 x 88 Color Warm Palette (88N)  = $10.00
1 x BLS01 - 10 Color Blush Palette (BLS01)  = $10.00
1 x 32 Color Lip Palette (32LIP)  = $10.00
1 x HS2 - Pro Striper Set (HS2)  = $2.00
1 x Short Handle Angle Liner (DISC47)  = $1.20
1 x Retractable Travel Powder Brush (DISC48)  = $2.00
1 x 88 Color Matte Palette (88C)  = $10.00
1 x DS15 - Slant Tip Spatula (DS15)  = $1.00
1 x DS16 - Spatula (DS16)  = $1.00
1 x DS17 - Mini Curved Spatula (DS17)  = $1.00
1 x Cleaner GRP1 - Professional Brush Cleaner Combo (Cleaner GRP1)  = $12.00
1 x Duo Fiber Buffer (C442)  = $9.99
1 x S207 - Deluxe Soft Fan (S207)  = $6.95
1 x S250-0 - Taklon Detail (0)  = $1.40
1 x KB10 - Mini Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki (KB10)  = $4.10
1 x BK8 - Deluxe Badger Fan (BK8)  = $5.69
Sub-Total: $88.33
Flat Rate (UPS Ground): $7.00
Discount Coupon: wisechoice : -$8.01
Total: $87.32 
 As always, I searched the web for a discount & found one. A discount on top of a sale? Yes please.

 I haven't used this brush cleaner enough yet to decide how well I like it. Let me know if you have or if you want to see a review!
 All the blank palettes...

 The 10 Color Blush palette is alright, not something I'd necessarily recommend though. I think I'll try the palette from BH or Coastal Scents. This is just really shimmery & doesn't vary enough for my liking.

 The 88 "matte" palette...please don't make me go through it again...just watch the video...

 The 88 Warm Palette which I really like. I love the purples & the blue shades. Wish there were more darker shades however. I feel this is more neutral than warm as well.

 The 32 Color Lip Palette...I love it. You can see swatches in the video. If you guys want to see it completely swatched just let me know. I've really been enjoying it!

So...there's my haul! As always, if you want any more information or pictures of a certain product, just let me know! There were some things  really did like...& some real duds. I have a Crown Brush haul from Hautelook coming up soon. I have found that everything from Crown Brush that I've bought through Hautelook has been great quality...something to consider. If you have bought anything from Crown Brush, I'd love to know what you think! Like I said, they have a 4th of July Sale going on right now so if you see something you like, now is a good time to get it!

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