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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Finally Duped MAC's Humid! + What AREN'T dupes!

PhotobucketPhotobucket It happened. After all these years, I didn't think the day would come. What am I rambling about? I duped Humid from MAC, the one eyeshadow I've EVER repurchased from MAC. It may have taken a lot of tries, but boy was it worth it...success is sweet.

What shades aren't DUPES & why (my opinions only of course!):

People keep trying to tell me NYX has a dupe in their shade "Mermaid Green" but I disagree. While the shades are similar it doesn't go on the same for me. I like being able to see the smokiness & Mermaid Green just doesn't have it. Its also not as pigmented.

I LOVE this trio & the dark green is fabulous. but it IS a hair of a difference. This green leans a tiny smidge more teal whereas Humid leans more lime in the shimmer department. I love this trio & for $3, this would satisfy 99% of people's dupe needs.

These are the TOP 2 shades I've been told are dupes, clearly these aren't all the dupes out there. I've tried some others which are close but not as close as these 2!

Mattese Elite in Emerald is officially a dupe. You won't see dupes on here very often because I'm very picky about them. I say things are close, but rarely dupes so I savor this discovery!

Left to right: Mattese Elite Emerald swatched once, next swatch is 2 on top of one another. Swatch 3 is Humid from MAC swatched twice & the 4th is Humid swatched once.

MAC shadows contain 0.05 oz & Mattese Elite Shadows contain 0.06 oz.

Mattese Elite might be a tiny bit more pigmented, but it absolutely blends & wears the same. These are listed as $12 each which wouldn't be a huge savings from the MAC shadows but these are VERY often on sale from what I've witnessed. They're usually about $6. Right now, this comes in a set for only $10 along with some other products I really liked & showed you guys in a haul.

You can pick up Mattese Elite Eyeshadows online from Ricky's NYC & if you are lucky enough to live in New York, you can walk right in! (Jealous!)

Can you tell I'm excited? I rarely spend money on MAC eyeshadows anymore so this was a fab find for me! What do you think: Are they dupes? What are some of your favorite dupes?

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