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Friday, August 10, 2012

July 2012: My First Beauty Box 5 Review

When Beauty Box 5 contacted me about reviewing their July box, I said sure. I am kind of a junkie. Its kind of addicting these boxes...what's one more right? Well, here's what I got & my opinions! Get ready for another sample subscription review....

What is Beauty Box 5:
-This is a sample service that charges different amounts allowing you to test it out for $12 a month, pay $30 quarterly (saving $6), or $100 yearly (saving a whopping $44) which I really like. Even monthly it isn't too unreasonable. Its only $2 more than Birchbox or MyGlam which is do-able in my book.

- Samples come in a blue/green colored cardboard box with a drawstring baggie of samples + an info card.

- You receive 4-5 samples a month.

Okay, first off, I think its strange they call it BB5 when the samples are stored in a little drawstring bag with only 4 products this time. Kind of defeats the name no? Maybe that's just me splitting hairs but...I guess I'm spoiled with some other boxes out there lately.

What I got:

-Blinc Mascara 
 I've gotten this before... think twice? It just isn't for me. Its supposed to be water-resistant, no smudge, flake-free, & is a tubing mascara. It just didn't give me the length, volume, or lasting power. I know some people LOVE it though so this isn't a bad sample.

Full size: $26.00 for 0.21 oz   Sample: 0.02 oz which is $2.48

-Curls Gel-les's
 This is an organic curl styler that promises shine, banishment of frizz, & to hold curls in place. I have naturally wavy hair...unfortunately this did absolutely nothing for frizz & my hair isn't even considered frizzy. Bummer.

Full size: $25.00 for 8 oz  Sample: 2 oz which is worth $6.25

-Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer
This is an "at home spa experience" with a soft side to cleanse & moisrturize. Flip it over & its a buffer side to exfoliate. I love this. It smells very soapy & clean. Works great. My only request is that it lasts a big longer but for only $2.99 I better just deal.

Full size: $2.99 (one)   Sample: Full sized so it is worth $2.99

-Bodyography Makeup Primer
 This is a really decent sized sample but just wasn't for me. It made me break out which is actually pretty rare with primers. When I did use it, I didn't notice anything mind-blowing or even all that helpful.
Full size: 1 oz for $30.00  Sample: 0.53oz for $15.90

Box Total: $26.62

So the box total is decent for $12. However, considering I didn't like the makeup primer (reaction or not) it wasn't. That was the bulk of the box cost. Now don't think I'm being too harsh! This month just wasn't for me. I think if I had a few more boxes to try it out, I'd be able to make a more well-rounded decision. Last month, the box looked fabulous & I would have been VERY happy with it. This month just wasn't for me!

What do YOU think of Beauty Box 5? Have you tried it? Interested in trying it? 

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