Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Review: Covergirl LashBlast + P&G Launched a Site!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Covergirl LashBlast + P&G Launched a Site!


 So BlogHer sent me some info about P&G & their new site. Although they put a sponsored thing at the top of this post, I AM NOT making money separate from the usual affiliate program. I'm not sure what's up with their sponsored disclosure, but whatever. Its the same stuff I always say: If you click on something affiliate-related & buy through my site, proceeds get put into products to be featured on this blog. Clear & simple!

 Today I'm going to be talking my most reached for mascara: CoverGirl LashBlast. I wasn't sent one to review or anything, I've just seriously bought like 15 of them. I have a problem, I know. So why do I keep going back? The formula is good, not too thick or thin. It gives me volume & length without getting clumpy. This is my FAVORITE brush so far. It covers all my lashes which seems to be my biggest issue. My lashes in the outer corner curl all funky making them just overly difficult. Annoying really. LastBlast has pretty decent lasting power too.

I'm trying out the CG LashBlast 24 Hour currently & it just might have surpassed it. Some people aren't loving the formula...but I do. Plus, it definitely lasts long. Go for the gold Covergirl, seriously.

I seriously have 8 mascaras opened right now. Just currently. & at least 12 new ones waiting. I HAVE A PROBLEM. Why am I telling you this? Because! This let's you know how serious I am when I say I<3 this mascara.

When you order this mascara or anything from the P&G site through MY site you'll also get 10% off. Cool deal right? I love having things delivered to my door, I'm lazy like that. My favorite thing about this site is that you get free shipping after $25, something a lot of beauty sites still don't get. I do not want to have to pay $75 for free shipping. Its cruel when all I want is ONE $10 item. They also have some cool bundles as well. In fact, I might pick up one of those suckers for myself.... You guys might laugh but I totally have that Olympics Themed Febreeze, & indeed it smells like winning.

So? What's your favorite mascara? Thoughts on the P&G site?
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