Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Nail Challenge Day #13: Cheetah Print Nails with Firefly Lustre Shine

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nail Challenge Day #13: Cheetah Print Nails with Firefly Lustre Shine

So I actually had plans to do something completely different...but it didn't work out :( My backup plan was this manicure which I believe is cheetah print (because the spots are only one color? right?) I love this, like, a lot.
This is a black base with Sally Hansen Lustre Shine coat over it which applied nice & even. On top of that I used a Red Angel stamping plate in RA-107. I bought these plates awhile back but totally fell out of stamping. I think I over-stamped myself.

 I am not a big fan of these plates when it comes to full nail designs. I have pretty narrow nails compared to most & they are quite small & short. Boo on that. Guess I need some plates that are bigger eh? Please keep in mind that these photos aren't super color-accurate for Firefly. I have accurate swatches coming up of this shade so that you can see the pink & the black base changes a bit as well.  I did, however, want you to see how cool the shifting colors look beneath the stamp. Sweet right!

Here is the list of Varnished Vixens joining me in the Challenge:
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