Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: NEW L'Oreal Colour Riche Quad in Neon Skirt Swatches + Review!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NEW L'Oreal Colour Riche Quad in Neon Skirt Swatches + Review!

I've been anticipating these eyeshadows for quite some time. I also picked up some of the new L'Oreal lippies which will be coming in a later post. I picked up this quad as well as So Over It! which I will be reviewing next. Let's dive into our first quad!

Neon Skirt definitely pops against the other shades available because it is so vibrant! You get a gold, white, teal, & purple. Not shy shades!

I find the packaging to be a bit disappointing. I love the new lippies packaging which feels a bit more new while these feel like they are a cheap vintage. I wish I liked it better but the metallic gold outter packaging isn't very thick & doesn't feel all that sturdy. I am also not a fan of the way the shades are laid into the palette. Sure, it LOOKS cool...but it isn't all that easy to use day to day. The wave like shape made it hard to swatch & harder to get a fluffy brush into the middle shades.

Let's look at the shades from top to bottom! All of these shades are one medium pressured swipe without any primer:

Top Shade: My favorite (by far) is the gold shade. So metallic & shimmery! This one applies like butter & is soft but blendable.

Shade #2: The white is also very shimmery & comes off frosted. Not as dense as the gold.

Shade #3: The teal shade actually has white micro shimmer in it but it isn't very dense. This color can be packed on & I don't think it would look very good sheer.

Bottom Shade: This is a red leaning bright purple/pink with a blue flash. This applies a bit grainy but it can be smoothed out. Super sheer application as well. When you blend it in, you can wipe away pretty much the entire shade except the shimmer.

There you have it! I'm not impressed. I LOVE this gold & find it to be very comparable to my Too Faced Return of Sexy shadows. The rest of the shades? Eh. Maybe I had too high of hopes that these bright shades would be great because you don't see many from L'Oreal. My other palette is much more neutral so we'll see if they got that one right!

These should be available at your local drugstore soon if not already. I found mine on a top display at my Walgreens. I'll have the next quad up soon! What do you think? Was this worth the money or will you be passing?
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