Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wet n Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning 8 Pan Eyeshadow Look, Review + Swatches

PhotobucketSo I know I'm a bit late to the party with these but I have acquired SO many palettes lately & wanted to really use each of these new Wet n Wild palettes! Sparkle Til Morning is absolutely beautiful & totally fulfills my shimmering neutral addiction. With the pop of blue/teal & the deep chocolate brown I find this palette really sets you up for a dramatic look, easy look, & endless combinations. This is a dream for makeup beginners because any of these shades could easily get together & make a sweet eyeshadow look.

Left Side Swatches are from top to bottom in the palette: shimmery golden vanilla, light shimmery cocoa, shimmery copper, & a bright aqua/teal shimmer. All of these are nicely pigmented.

Right Side Swatches are from top to bottom in the palette: warm champagne/beige, nearly metallic warm bronze, satin medium brown with cool tones, & a deep chocolate with burgundy shimmer. Great pigmentation.

I went ahead & used the right side of this palette for this eye look. I played with the darkest shade & did half liner instead of using such a fine brush or placing it all the way around. Just switching it up! I loved these, they went on super easy. They are soft & oober pigmented. I feel like this is one of those times when using a sponge applicator or small dense brush really helps. You can get fallout with these shades because they are so buttery which is why I prefer to use a denser tool!
As always, I wish I had the option of a matte shade within this palette but if you love matte you can look WAY back at my eyeshadow look from the I heart (<3) Matte Palette which is the same as Drinking a Glass of Shine. Indeed.

This is a Limited Edition Palette from Wet n Wild which retails for $4.99. I picked mine up at my local Walgreens.

What do you guys think? Did you pick up this palette? Are you still on the hunt?
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