Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Claire's Splatter Black and White Nail Polish Over Butter London's Poole Swatches & Review

Friday, May 17, 2013

Claire's Splatter Black and White Nail Polish Over Butter London's Poole Swatches & Review

 photo Claires-Splatter-Black-and-White-Nail-Polish-Swatches-01_zpsf11e3fa5.jpg
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When it comes to black & white glitter nail polishes...I must collect them all! I didn't have super high hopes from his one from Claire's but it turned out lovely. I don't know why I wasn't expecting it to, I've been impressed with pretty much every Claire's polish in my collection. I swatched this over Butter London Poole which is pretty much a perfect combo of love for me. Keep reading to see swatches!
 photo Claires-Splatter-Black-and-White-Nail-Polish-Swatches-04_zps4bc0d1ba.jpg
 photo Claires-Splatter-Black-and-White-Nail-Polish-Swatches-02_zps542acb57.jpg
 photo Claires-Splatter-Black-and-White-Nail-Polish-Swatches-03_zps21f12832.jpg
 photo Claires-Splatter-Black-and-White-Nail-Polish-Swatches-05_zps7283f624.jpg
Claire's Splatter Nail Polish: Micro hexes, medium hexes, large hexes, & jumbo hexes in both black & white & then black bar glitter suspended in a clear base. This is "placed a bit (although you can apply in coats I just like an overall even look!) over Butter London Poole.

I'm really loving this shade!  It applied nicely & had the decency to lay flat even without a top coat. I was thinking about how much I loved this combo with Butter London Poole...when I realized this was very similar to a combo I did with Zoya Wednesday last year for IMATs! I guess I like what I like huh?

Butter London Poole is part of the summer collection ( I have 3 polishes to swatch!) so if you like this shade, snap it up while you can! Claire's doesn't have an online store so you'll have to go inside for this baby! They were having a deal that I think was like 2 for something or other but I know it was under $10!
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