Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows in Phyrra, Oddity, Downtown, Veteran, Flawless, & Strawberry Cupcake!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows in Phyrra, Oddity, Downtown, Veteran, Flawless, & Strawberry Cupcake!

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Glamour Doll Eyes has been on my "I have to try this!" list for a long time now. Their shadows are gorgeous & some of my very favorite bloggers do tutorials with them frequently! Notice the first shadow mentioned is Phyrra as in my friend Phyrra who I adore so much right over here? Indeed! I'll be doing some tutorials with these shades soon so definitely stay tuned for those...but in the mean time enjoy the swatches & color breakdowns!
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Each eyeshadow comes housed in a plastic container with a lid. There isn't a sifter which doesn't bother me but I thought I would mention it just in case! You can get shadows with sifters but you get less product. On the back you'll find the shade name, size, ingredients, if it is lip safe, & if it is vegan. I wish all containers came with this! When I'm doing more creative looks I always have to look up if I can use something as a lip color or liner. These also come sealed so no spilling while it ships! I've had some messy orders from other brands so this was excellent. You can also order samples of the shades & they have deals too.

From Glamour Doll Eyes: A sample baggie comes with .5 gram which is 1/8th of a teaspoon. A sample jar comes with 1 gram which is 1/4th of a teaspoon and a full jar comes with about 2 grams, which is a half of a teaspoon. I never level out the spoons, so most of the time, it is flowing over so you receive a bit more than what is stated. Please note, some shadows have different textures so the jars might not look as full as others, it doesn't mean that there is less shadow.

 photo GlamourDollEyesEyeshadows02_zps3d0cab03.jpg
Row 1 left to right: Phyrra, Oddity, & Downtown.
Row 2 left to right: Veteran, Flawless, & Strawberry Cupcake.

Italics are the shade descriptions from Glamour Doll Eyes site & then my notes are below! These can also be foiled. If you want to see them on my eye foiled or any color combinations just let me know! The first photo is natural light while the second is with flash to make some of the shimmer pop. Swatches are at the end.

 photo GlamourDollEyesEyeshadowsPhyrra_zps278165c9.jpg
Phyrra- is hot pink with aqua sparkles.
Of course this is stunning! This is a cool pink that leans purple in some lights. I love the aqua sparkles! They look electric! (Lip Safe/Not Vegan)

 photo GlamourDollEyesEyeshadowsOddity_zps718ef78f.jpg
Oddity- is a very unique blend of shimmer and matte. This is a lime green but almost looks duochrome as well!
Definitely a different shade of green! I am digging this shade so much & it walks that line between apple &  olive drab green that appeals to me year round. (Not Lip Safe/Vegan)

 photo GlamourDollEyesEyeshadowsDowntown_zps1f5276b2.jpg
Downtown- is a medium tone brown with aqua sparkle.
This is so much better in person than it was online! The sparkles in this are insane, they flash beautiful making this an edgy neutral I'll be reaching for a ton! This definitely has a taupe-ness that is amazing as well! (Lip Safe/Vegan)

 photo GlamourDollEyesEyeshadowsVeteran_zpsd4ccdf11.jpg
Veteran- N/A because it is out of stock.
This is a dark navy with red/bronze shimmer. I love it. I plan to use it on 4th of July & it holds a special place since my husband is in the Air Force. Love this shade, so pretty. (Not Lip Safe/Vegan)

 photo GlamourDollEyesEyeshadowsFlawless_zpsca6bf253.jpg
Flawless- is a light beige/pink with subtle turquoise and gold shimmers.
I wanted a ice neutral to use as a highlight/base & flawless was an awesome choice. Beautiful, easy to blend, & I can sheer it out or layer it depending on what I'm looking for. (Lip Safe/Not Vegan)

 photo GlamourDollEyesEyeshadowsStrawberryCupcake_zps85c84e45.jpg
Strawberry Cupcake- is a pretty pink color, not too bright and not too light!
This was the only shade I wasn't sure about when I was looking online...but it is awesome. This is a cross between a softened hot pink & tangerine. Holy moly! This is gorgeous & I can totally see myself using it on my cheeks, lips, & of course my eyes! (Lip Safe/Vegan)

 photo Glamour-Doll-Eyes-Swatches-03_zps0d262255.jpg
 photo Glamour-Doll-Eyes-Swatches-01_zps4dd49c4b.jpg
 photo Glamour-Doll-Eyes-Swatches-02_zps2ac2d483.jpg
Swatches are over primer & were done with a dry fingertip.
Row 1 left to right: Phyrra, Oddity, & Downtown.
Row 2 left to right: Veteran, Flawless, & Strawberry Cupcake.

Each of these shades retails for only $6 & because they're so pigmented it will take a long time to get through these! Each shade is love so I definitely need more. I'm working on putting together some eyeshadow loos/tutorials so if you have any requests, just let me know! I definitely need to show some of thee foiled. Each shade is completely unique to my collection...& I have a lot of eyeshadows. They come out with a lot of specialty collections as well.

There are seriously so many more shades I want! Check out Bruised, Immature, Stellar & Tattooed are definitely all on my list! Do you have any shades from Glamour Doll Eyes? Anything you think I need to get my hands on next time?
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