Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: NEW Maybelline Electro Baby Lips Swatches & Review

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NEW Maybelline Electro Baby Lips Swatches & Review

 photo MaybellineBabyLipsBlackLimitedEdition01_zps008a42ec.jpg
When I started seeing people report about these new Maybelline Electro Baby Lips popping up I was hooked. If you remember way back, I've reviewed Maybelline Baby Lips here & then some of the wonderful limited edition shades here. I just love them. They are moisturizing, smell great,& come in a variety of shades. The new shades here are much brighter so I was convinced I needed them in my life! Keep reading to see if you need them too!
 photo MaybellineBabyLipsBlackLimitedEdition02_zps605714e0.jpg
So there are actually 2 more in this limited collection but one way yellow & the other green. I was told they apply completely clear & don't contain SPF. I figured there was nothing too spectacular about them so I passed. These 4 shades have nice color so they need to join cult of Baby Lips.

Because these are all brighter shades I definitely had to play around to get them to show up correctly in the photos. None  o these shades contain SPF unfortunately, I wish more did.

 photo MaybellineBabyLipsBlackLimitedEdition04_zps8053003d.jpg
 photo MaybellineBabyLipsBlackLimitedEdition06_zps01f15dd8.jpg
Left  to right we have 70 Pink Shock, 80 Berry Bomb, 85 Oh! Orange!, & 95 Strike a Rose. 
Pink Shock is a great hot pink, Berry Bomb is a slight purple tint, Oh! Orange! is a tangerine, & Strike a Rose is light coral-toned neon pink.  You can wear them sheer or build them up like in the swatches.

 photo MaybellineBabyLipsBlackLimitedEdition05_zpscf59b940.jpg
I applied a few swipes of each shade to show how they look  built up. Gorgeous. These are really great shades with the same feel as the originals & no shimmer which I prefer usually. Plus, they all smell fab! Normally I'd go into great detail about the scents but I can honestly only smell the tiniest bit because I'm still completely sick. I really apologize. 

 photo MaybellineBabyLipsBlackLimitedEdition03_zps80241bfd.jpg
Obviously, I love these. I use Baby Lips frequently & I really appreciate these jelly looking glossy balms. They are perfection for summer as well! I love the black on bright packaging as well, super cute! If you like the Maybelline Baby Lips I don't think you'll be disappointed. These are some fabulous shades!

Are you yearning for any of these shades? Do you enjoy the Maybelline Baby Lips?
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