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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zoya Naturel Collection for Spring 2014 Swatches & Review

 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013MainPhoto_zpsed7c3823.jpg
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The Zoya Naturel collection is right on trend & a blissful palette cleanser from all the bold & sparkling hues I've been swatching lately. Although I'm definitely more of an intense nail gal these shades definitely have their place in my collection.  These shades are neutral or rose toned, perfect for a pretty Naturel nail. Keep reading to see swatches & review!
 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013Chantal01_zpsf201eccb.jpg
Zoya Chantal- Vanilla yellow toned cream. 2 coats.

 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013Taylor01_zpsaee47230.jpg
Zoya Taylor- Pale toffee cream, more brown than Chantal. 2 coats.

 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013Rue01_zpsfa393c7b.jpg
Zoya Rue- Light blush colored cream. 2 coats.

 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013Brigitte01_zpsf0cac4ab.jpg
Zoya Brigitte- Lovely mauve cream. 2 coats.

 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013Odette01_zpseadc314b.jpg
Zoya Odette- Maroon toned orchid cream. 2 coats.

 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013Normani01_zpse6e6c492.jpg
Zoya Normani- Medium mauve toned sable cream. 2 coats. 

I personally love this collection- neutral pinks like this are so in & I'm snapping them up while I can find them! Each was opaque in two coats & swatches are without topcoat. They're all lovely but my favorites are Normani, Odette, & Brigitte. I wish I had a deeper skin tone, I think the lighter shades are just too gorgeous!

 photo ZoyaNaturelNailPolishSwatchesReview2013Main_zps5f3a21d4.jpg
You can purchase this collection now from Zoya's website for $9.00 per polish or as a full set.

Which shades catch your eye the most? Are you digging rose toned shades right now too?
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